Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Animated Short of the Day - The Daily What

Bridge from Ting on Vimeo.


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Animated Short of the Day

Animated Short of the Day: For her Academy of Art University thesis film, Ting Chian Tey animated an adorable, allegorical short “about four animal characters trying to cross a bridge, but ending up as obstacles to one another in the process.”

Play of the Day - The Daily What

Play of the Day: Nashville Sounds outfielder Logan Schafer kicks off a triple-play with a ball that bounces off his head (i.e. the only legitimate way to kick off a triple play).

90% Of People Don't Know About Ctrl+F | Geekosystem

A recent post at The Atlantic has called attention to the statistic that approximately 90% of people do not know about Ctrl+F “find” functionality. The topic came up during a discussion with Dan Russell, a search anthropologist for Google. About a year ago, after having an experience with a school-bus trainer who spent about five minutes looking for text in a document, Russell decided to do some research into how many people were unaware of the glory that is Ctrl+F. The results were staggering.

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9/11 Memorial construction

Time-Lapse Video Featuring Eight Years of 9/11 Memorial Construction

NBC New York is featuring a time-lapse video showing the 2004-2011 construction of the 9/11 Memorial at ground zero, which opens on September 11, 2011, the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

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3D Trampoline Dodgeball


Sky Zone 3D Trampoline Dodgeball

what ?


At the Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Rocklin, California near Sacramento, visitors can play a rollicking game of “3-D” trampoline dodgeball.

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City's plan to kill ducks inspires public outrage


About two dozen people gathered at Tuscawilla Park on Sunday to protest the planned killing of ducks at Ocala recreation areas.

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Nearby, just about as many adult ducks lounged in the shade or slowly cruised the pond, oblivious to the emotions stirred by their presence.

NYC Cabbie also Works as a King in Africa


Isaac Osei started out driving a taxi in New York City when he immigrated to the US about thirty years ago. He has built up that business into a fleet of fifty cars operating day and night. But that’s not his only occupation. When his older brother in Ghana died, Osei took his place as king over a region of Ghana. Now Osei divides his time between US and his royal realm:…….

via http://www.neatorama.com/2011/08/22/nyc-cabbie-also-works-as-a-king-in-africa/