Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Photoshopped version of Dali's "Christmas" painting..w/ commentary

Our interpretation goes as such.....The split face represents the separation of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, when Eve was tempted by the evil serpent to eat from the tree of knowledge. OK that's the original. Now here is our interpretation of what it really meant, considering our Gimp'ed version.
First off you'll notice the The star of David in the top center, along with a group of Christmas trees. Moving down we find a semi-architectural shape that resembles a woman, "Mary" ? Now The 3 Wisemen, where are they? See the green ornament looking object in the center? There is also one right below it, and one half way between on the right. The Manger you ask ? It right between Mary's eyes below the top Wiseman. And if you look in the very lower left corner, you will see the Angel that impregnated Mary. Last but not least, looking in the lower right you will notice a 2 small objects, one blue and one pink, could these represent David and Mary ? Please critique our interpretation in the comments.

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Our interpretation of the painting "Christmas" by Salvador Dali

More to come on this post, but I wanted to post the early work on it right away while it was fresh in my mind, here is the original painting "Christmas" by Salvador Dali....The next post will be my Photoshopped version aka Gimp'ed version and a explaination of what I feel that, meaning the original painting, depicts.

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