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Fever Ray - Triangle Walks

A little palette cleanser after the last 2 posts.

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eminem - cleaning out my closet [NSFW]

Told you .... Well at least both were songs that express hate to the writers mother. Both are touching in the fact that they are true thoughts spoke as lyrics.
Morbid or Do you agree?

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Ronnie Milsap- I hate you

Milsap was born in Robbinsville, North Carolina with a congenital defect, leaving him almost completely blind. Soon after his first birthday, he was cast off and given to his grandmother to raise (it is said that his mother considered his blindness a punishment from God due to his wickedness). At age six, he was sent to the Governor Morehead School for the Blind in Raleigh, North Carolina, where he received a quality education and skills that would be beneficial to him for the rest of his life. He was offered scholarship for law school, but wanted to pursue music.

The next post will be a modernized / hip hopized version of the same idea..... wait for it.....wait for it.......

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Comcast Buying NBC From GE is a Done Deal - Nbc - Gizmodo

Comcast's acquisition of NBC from GE is a done deal reports David Faber on CNBC. All that needs to be done is paper work at this point. The deal should be announced Thursday morning, says Faber.

This is hardly a surprise. After yesterday's news that GE would buy its NBC stake from Vivendi for $5.8 billion, the closing of the deal was basically a formality.

Now comes the next phase of hard work. The deal is expected to take a year to fully close, as the government scrutinizes it.

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More great technology coverage at
The Business Insider.

This could be huge!

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